$6 per hour for non-members, with a $3 minimum.

Xbox, Gamecube, and Playstation2 are $6/hr for a system and the first controller, and $2/hr for each additional controller.


For $30, a 1 year membership reduces your hourly rate to $3, and also halves the console rates. In addition, you get $10 back worth of game time on a membership card, a free email address at, and you can play the entire first day for free.

Our membership card allows you to prepay in advance for computer or console gaming time. Bonus credit is added when recharging the card, depending on the amount paid.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, Members play for just $2 per hour

Day Passes

Play from open til closing for $25.

After 4PM, lock in the evening for just $18.


Current Members: Get a free DAY PASS for every new member you bring in!